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For a Friend....5th grade math

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A friend of mine has a daughter who is majorly struggling in math (5th grade). She started having minor issues with it last year, but is now having Fs.


Obviously, the most likely issue is that the child doesn't have math facts down pat. So that seemed like a good thing to make sure about. Past that, I was hoping for a program that could basically make sure she has 3rd-5th grade skills solidly, fill in some gaps, and allow her extra practice.


Any ideas of a program?

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Math Mammoth Light Blue, starting with level one and stopping when she is caught up. That will give her a solid foundation. Alternatively, MM Blue, hitting the topics she needs help with.


Dd11 went back to MM LB level 1 last year and is doing so much better now. She went through MM 4. She switched to CLE 500 this year, doing 2-3 lessons per day (skipping most of the review sections). She is on track to start CLE 600 after Christmas.

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