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Rightstart Math...what do I need? Where to start?


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Where do I start with my kiddos? I have one Kindergartener- but she is already beginning basic addition via worksheets (she is an older K-5 and is already 6). I am actually questioning Rightstart for her a little since she likes workbooks (I don't) and is very efficient at them. I figured it would be a good background for her. I had considered Singapore for her, but that is another story I suppose. It is definitely not a given that she will thrive in the same thing as him. Out of the 3 of mine I have homeschooled so far all have used something different for almost everything! :tongue_smilie:


I also have a very challenged 9-year-old. He is stuck on multiplication and has various learning disabilities and ADD big time. We have been doing CLE with him for years, but I believe he needs to really SEE the math. There are concepts we have gone over and over and he is still not getting it. Also, he hates all the writing with the workbooks and while I understand the need for review, it is beaten to death for him. He has the concept and going over and over it in subsequent lessons makes him frustrated. I have pared down the lessons and I do not make him do each problem, BUT I still think he could gain a lot from Rightstart.


Do I start him in B? I think he needs a more solid foundation and I have no issue with backtracking him any. Neither does he. I am sure he would enjoy something being easier for a while.


Then for little miss in K-5. Will B be too hard for her or can she do it also?


I know I need the games and had already planned on buying the set online and an extra abacus for her. I also had planned on picking up Miquon for extra work and some c-rods (those had been on my list a while).


I appreciate anyone's suggestions.

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I can't comment on your older child, as I have no experience with RS beyond B, but I'll comment about your Dd6. I started my daughter on RS B when she was a young 5 and we worked on it over kindergarten and first grade. I think we did the first 40 or so lessons in K. We worked for 30 minutes, about 3 times a week. Each lesson usually lasted about 2 sessions. We had a blast and she learned a ton! I have no regrets with doing it this way.


My son is 4.5 and we are on lesson 10 of A. We might stall out eventually but I know A would have been too easy for my Dd at 5.


Hope this helps!


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I also say give level B a try. I started with B -teacher manual, worksheets and manipulative kit I found used- for my first 2 learning together when they were 7 and 5 (we're currently in D). I'm using A with my youngest now and see that it's so much like B; you could start B at a slower pace if necessary with your younger.


I hear it's more teacher intensive than other programs (it's the only one we've used besides montessori -ish works) but I believe it's worth it, even if you keep a set time for the lessons. HTH!

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