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Horizon's Spelling & Vocabulary

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Has anyone here used this? Thoughts? I am looking at this (for first grade), Spelling Workout, and possibly Sequential Spelling...

What would you recommend? My daughter is a good speller, I guess she would be considered a natural speller?

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We used Horizons last year and continued it this year. I like their stuff. I like that the workbooks are colorful and have fun illustrations. I do NOT use the teacher guides AT ALL.


We used horizons for math, spelling, and phonics/reading for Grade 1. I liked that the reader was linked to the spelling and phonics but not in an obvious way - meaning they didn't go out of their way to stress the TH sound when we were studying it, but their would be TH words in the assignments and reading.


My DD is a natural speller and I found her bored by the repetitive set-up of the spelling workbook. Although I found the words were challegnging, it was the tasks that are repetitive. It's like this:

Monday-write the words/Tuesday-write some sentences/Wed-short story/Th- word search or crossword/ Fri-story writing, etc, etc.


Then the next week, new wordlist, same routine. BOR-ING!


So after I discovered, I started plugging in the Horizons spelling lists into that and she could vary her lessons. It worked wonders for her to be able to choose HOW to practice the words.


I like Horizons math but I am seeing the spiral method irritates her this year. I try to skip some of the assignments here and there, if I am positive that she has the concept mastered. I know there is much discussion about which math curriculums are "advanced" or not. I don't feel that Horizons is too hard for a bright kid, nor too far ahead of the average 2nd grade skills. But then I am a math-y person.


I would recommend Horizons as easy to use, not too teacher intensive, and challenging without being too hardcore. Boxed sets are expensive, but honestly you could just buy the workbooks and skip the teacher guides.

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I used Horizons Spelling & Vocabulary when we first began homeschooling my older daughter. It worked well for her. She liked that it had a pattern.


I tried using the same curriculum with my younger daughter, but it wasn't a good fit for her. She learns differently.


So, if your daughter is a natural speller and likes workbooks, this might be a good fit.


I have also used Spelling Workout (MCP kind) and it worked well for older daugher, but not for younger daughter. Younger now uses Sequential Spelling.

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