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What does optimally medicated look like in your ADHD

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My oldest has well-established ADHD after several physicians and rounds of testing. We have been with his psychiatrist for a few years and like him, but he is very consersative. DS has not had a med increase for a couple years. He is 9 by the way. Our psych does his own counseling/behavioral therapy so DS sees him an hour for that as well, where they do chess or other things to work on planning, executive function or whatever.


My concern is that DS is often taking 2 or more hours to do one page of math or anything he doesn't want to do. His common thing for each chore not done, not following the program or whatever is "I forgot." He is back into not even being able to read a book (he loves reading) because he can't sit still. On workbooks (used only for math really) he skips problems all over the page in a random fashion. These to me are signs his meds are not optimal. Or maybe it is just something he will always live with?


That an being LOUD and argumentative and trying to leap down flights of stairs all at once, or do rolling or cartwheeling down a flight of stairs, etc.


What does your ADHD child look/act like on what you consider optimal dosages of meds? Are these normal and just part of the personality and will never go away?

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It is normal or my adhd child to "skip" problems in math and fight me on reading, but it is nothing compared to the fight I get when he is off.


We had a gap of a couple days and it was really bad. What was eye opening was how quickly I forgot how bad it was before he was on them.


I do not have any real answers for you as every kid is different. Just know that my son tried to tell me he was done with math today and i asked to see his problems, which was met with, "Oh...ummmm....I have a few more to do." :glare:

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Mine just says "I forgot" when I point out the missing work. I just worry so some days what his future will be if something doesn't give. <sigh>


He is not "just" ADHD so it is also hard for me to tell what is one thing and what is another and what is just "him," as in basic personality.

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