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Physical Science (8th) w'Christian perspective -what's out there besides Apologia?

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I thought it sounded great, and the reviews were glowing. We *really* wanted to like this program, but it just didn't work for us. The readings were not in-depth enough, and the tone was too glib. EK thought the labs were "hokey", and for the most part, I agree. Looks like we'll be sticking with Apologia. *I* like it, but EK... not so much.

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Ereks mom,


I'm planning (note: Planning, not "done") on combining Apologia Physical with the Prentice Hall Science Explorer books.


Basically, what I found with General this past year is that my ds would fly through the readings. We do the On Your Own orally, which doesn't take much time, and so on days there was no experiment, he was finishing in 20 minutes or so. That just didn't seem to be enough to me, so I'm coordinating the topics in the Science Explorer books we have, and having him read those as well.


I think the Science Explorers are more interesting - more color, photos, charts, etc, - but I really like Dr. Wile's discussions on the Christian Worldview and Science (for lack of being able to think of how else to say it - LOL!). And, not being a science person, I find the Science Explorers overwhelming in the amount they cover. I know I don't *have* to cover it all, but I don't know how to stream-line it. So, this is my compromise.


I have my first-six weeks in an Excel file, if you're interested in looking at it. Just pm me, and I'll email it to you.



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I am a Christian, but can't imagine where concern for a secular perspective would come in in the Physics department. :confused: We used Adventures in Science kits, Janice Van Cleave "Physics for Every Kids" and a science encyclopedia.

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I have no idea about this one and since my kids are younger and am not at all sure about 8th grade stuff, but would book 4 be worth looking into? We really like Apologia and will stick with it, but this will be at a homeschool conference I am going to attend and I am thinking about taking a peek. I kind of like the curriculum. I think.



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