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Using All About Spelling just for Afterschooling?

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I am new here but have been lurking for awhile.

I am looking at the AAS program for helping my daughter (aged 7 grade 2) with her spelling. And was wondering what you all thought about just using it with afterschooling or if it was a bit much to try to get her to follow this program after a day at school.


She is a great reader but her spelling is not very good. The main problems is that her school started teaching the phonics of the letters in Prep and Grade 1 and then just dropped it. She is a kid that follows the rules, so she learnt it and now that they dropped it she is a bit lost.


The way they were teaching it was a bit confusing to us parents, but I now see that it follows completely the way All About Spelling teaches the phonics. The difference is that the school then didn't continue it to then teach the spelling rules that go along with the way they taught the phonics. If they had continued to teach the spelling rules it would have worked well, but to now just drop it and expect the kids to spell by memorising the words has been confusing for my daughter. That was why I was looking at the All About spelling program.


So what do you think?

I am concerned that it will be a bit too much to work through and that I will struggle to get her to do the work.

Is there any lighter program that does the same sort of thing in teaching the spelling rules ?

Thanks. Any help appreciated.


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We do AAS as afterschoolers. 2 of my kids aren't great spellers and it has made a huge difference. I've used it two different ways...


First of all, as directed, with the magnetic board and tiles, once or twice a week after school or on the weekend. It was easy enough as they were younger then and had fewer activities etc. I had a third grader and a first grader then. I think the trick is to just accept that you can only do 15 minutes (or whatever you decide) once or twice a week (or, whatever you decide) and that it will take longer to get through each level.


Now they're a couple of years older it is harder to fit it in, plus we now have a half hour drive each way to school, so I've rejigged it to be done on audio players in the car. Will have to see how that goes as we'd only just started doing it with audio and have just had school hols, but so far so good.



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There is a much quicker method that teaches rules.


Spelling Plus. You can add in Spelling Dictation if she needs to write them out of context to truly learn them.






I also have a lot of the rules listed on my how to tutor page, you could read and spell a few words of each type from Blend Phonics and learn the rule, the rules are linked at the end of the page.



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Wow, thank you very much everyone. I will have a look into all the resources you have listed and the ideas provided.


We are just starting out with afterschooling mainly due to the fact that I am not as happy with our school as I have been previously and especially that I feel DD is being left behind with spelling.

Thanks again. I am sure I will be asking more questions of you all very soon.


Ok, now the kids are asleep, and I have read through much of the suggested pages I can provide a more detailed response.


Min & Mrs JWM --- It is great to know that AAS can be done in 15 mins or so every few days. Thank you. I also like the idea of the audio in the car, but we only have a quick trip. This could however be useful for longer car trips, great idea.


jenbrdsly - wow, I love your blog. So much information and very interesting especially all the info on gifted children. You have me wondering if this applies to my youngest as she is to use your analogy a "harnessed racehorse" at times.


ElizabethB - Thank you. I found all the spelling rules and now to digest them. Great site and lots of info.


Thanks again everyone. Really appreciate all your help.

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To add a more detailed Thank you,
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