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Current Events - resources needed

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DS and I seriously need to beef up our knowledge of current events.


Anyone have a resource you use with your teens? Needs to give background and not just assume we know all the facts. We got back issues of the Economist and although some articles were easy to understand, some went right over our heads. I remember getting some little printed paper packets and a cd on a trial basis but at the time we didn't have the money. This year we'll have to just find the money for a source because it needs to be a "subject" to work on for us both.


My dh is all about our children being able to read and digest the newspaper articles on the front page and I am so sad to say, I cannot myself sometimes. He's really shocked that my ds can't. I would make a safe bet saying most of his friends his age couldn't either.


How totally sad is that? Thanks for the sources, in advance...

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The BBC's website does a good job not only presenting the news, but giving additional background or historical information. Many stories have "background and analysis" pages that you can click on.


Perhaps this will help.



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What about World magazine? They have a regular adult magazine, suitable for high schoolers as well, and issues which are age appropriate from K-grade 9.


We have successfully used these for current events for about five years.

I assign the articles, they read them, and we discuss them at the dinner table.



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Sometimes a story has been brewing and I just have not kept abreast of it. So, I go to Wikipedia and search the topic. Wikipedia does a fantastic job of presenting the information, without assuming you have prior knowledge. Part of the problem for me, sometimes, is that I'll want to find out about an event, but current Newsweek, Time or newspaper article assume prior knowledge and just give the updates. Wikipedia also usually has links for further research.


Then, to stay on top of a current event, you can use Google. Go to the Google homepage and then click on "News" at the top. On the left, you will see a little envelope and "News Alert." Once you click, you can enter search terms and an e-mail address. During debate season, I have a daily digest delivered to my mailbox with any online article having that search term. (Unfortunately, you'll get a section with links to blogs' daily entries containing those search terms, but I just ignore them).




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I'm the "lady" that bought the Story of the Middle Ages book and all the parenting/marriage books from you back in March. I've tried to email a couple times to fivehalfs at hotmail dot com, but have not received a reply. I found a message on here from April 29th-ish that you need my address again. I have sent it in emails... have you not rec'd it?? Email or send me a private message. I would like to receive these books sometime soon please. I just emailed you again w/ my address and sent it in a PM to you on this forum.


Thanks and hope to hear from you real soon!



saved1112 at hotmail dot com

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