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Best calculator for middle grades?

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Get a scientific calculator that has the trig functions, square, pi, exponential and a memory function etc so it is good for more than just plus/minus/times and divided.

Solar is nice, so you have not battery hassle.


Mine was $14 at Walmart and does everything I would have needed it to do for university classes in theoretical physics. It's this one:


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That looks great! Have you seen this one?


This one's fancier. Not sure it would make any difference to a middle grader to have the extra functions, but it may down the road.

Really, it does not matter that much. At some point, in high school, you'll want a graphing calculator because the stupid AP tests have problems that can not be solved without. Until then, either normal one will do.

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Oh, I absolutely love my calculator! It is the Casio FX-300MS, similar to the one mentioned above. It is a combination solar/battery, which is good for dimly lit rooms. One of the best parts is a two line display, where you can type in an entire line of math and then see the answer at the same time. And you can go back and scroll through the previous line if you need to make a change. And it's CHEAP!


I seriously love this calculator! I bought my first one as an undergrad, and when I accidentally fused all of the buttons together in chemistry lab, I bought a new one, which I used throughout grad school and still love. This is also the calculator that I recommended to my 7th grade science students.


Sorry to go on about it, but I'm a nerd and I like my calculator. :D

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