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AoPS Prealgebra update


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I just wanted to update since my DD was one I was hesitant to try AoPS with. We are now in week seven. She likes the discovery approach and has asked if she can continue with the classes. She has completed over 460 problems on Alcumus, officially passed all the Prealgebra topics currently listed, and is working to finish mastering them. (I am only considering them mastered if her percentage is greater than 80%.) I hope this keeps up.



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Yay!!! Thanks for the update!


I don't know what it is about Alcumus - my dd likes it more than the book. There is so much enthusiasm for Alcumus around here that I had to open accounts for both ds8s (though I'm not sure how far they'll get, LOL).


Generally, wheels are turning and dd is learning a lot!!! She is starting to feel more proud of herself when she finds answers. We're still working on writing things down - as in, writing expressions line-by-line. Her version of "showing work" is a scratch paper approach with a separate list of answers, and it drives me nuts, though once in a while she'll write it correctly on the scratch paper. I keep showing her how I want to see it written in the hope that it'll sink in eventually. She has another developmental vision evaluation next week; pathetically, I'm almost hoping that something fixable is the obstacle to the writing (she has focusing and vision processing issues), though I'm guessing it's more of a strong-willed personality/maturity issue :glare:. Overall, I'm still happy we're using this book - it wasn't my original plan (she may not be the poster child for AoPS that her younger brother would seem to be), but so far my particular reasons are still holding up.

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Terrific! I love Alcumus too. :001_smile:


I've been browsing AOPS prealgebra threads over here recently - trying to sort out whether to buy the book or stick with just Alcumus. I've started DS on Alcumus sometimes afterschool, as my attempt to give him more meaty problems than most in his school-based prealgebra class. Do you think that the book gives more challenging problems, or are they similar?


Something about that reward structure at Alcumus is just right - DS loves accumulating points & passing topics. Ahhh, and so do I.

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