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Outgrowing Right Start...


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I bought Right Start last year for my K'er. She went through A and B and loved it. She just started 1st grade and is working through RS Level C now.


I have read that people move on after C and I am curious about this. We are still enjoying RS, but I'd like to know what people dislike about it after this point. If you have moved on, what what is it about C, D, or E that made you switch to something else?


I'd also love to hear from those who have used RS through E and continued to enjoy it.


After you've outgrown RS, no matter what level, what did you move into?




Melissa :)

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Love RS here. DS11 is about halfway through Geometry, DS8 is a quarter of the way through Level E. All I ever did was a bit of rearranging the lesson order in Levels D and E. DS11 is not necessarily a mathy person but the manipulatives and all the geometric drawing have been perfect for him. (DS8 would have done fine with anything but likes RS.)

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