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Writing Strands, Write shop or Meaningful Comp.


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I have not used Write Shop or Meaningful Comp. I started Writing Strands in Jan, and we're pretty happy with it. These are the pros for me:


1. It's non-consumable, so I can keep it and use it with upcoming kids. It's so affordable!


2. While at first, I do not think it is really independent, my dd is now able to handle assignments much more independently. The first few assignments I really had to walk her through each step and work with her closely. Now that we're a little more than 1/2way through the book (Level 3), she can work much more on her own. We read through the instructions together, and then she goes to work. I give her ideas for revision and then she polishes it up. I'm available for questions or whatever, but I don't have to physically sit with her all through the assignments.


3. It is flexible in terms of scheduling. I think the book itself suggests a schedule of 1 week on, 1 week off, but we just schedule it 2x/week, every week. If it takes 2 weeks to finish an assignment, that's fine.


I really think it's a solid writing program, and my dd is doing well with it so far. Neither of us loved it at first, and we weren't very consistent about getting it done. I started scheduling it 4x/week for a while, deciding that we just needed to make sure we were getting it done a little bit at a time every single week. After just a couple of weeks this way we both "got it" more and started enjoying it more.



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