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Math focused school for awhile?


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DD is on a math spurt right now, both with fractions and geometry. I realized this morning, when she started to show real signs of fatigue, that she'd spent several hours, first on area and on things like "If the area of a rectangle is L x W, what is the area of a parallelogram" and playing with constructing them and trying to figure it out, and then several sections of Fred. That's all we got done before lunch, and it seems mean to tell her "OK, you spend all morning playing with math, so now we're going to go do the rest of school" when we're usually done with everything structured by lunchtime.


I guess what I want is reassurance that it's OK to let her do as much math as she wants for awhile while she's so into it, and figure that continuing to have book-basket books, read-alouds, and maybe some carschooling is OK. Oh, and I also want reassurance that we're not going to run out of math any time soon-because having my 6 yr old effectively doing proofs that I didn't tackle until high school (without any of the formal language), and being quite systematic at it is a little overwhelming!

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I think that's fine! We are having a focused-on-math period here too, as we get into some new, interesting stuff that takes a bit longer and more practice to master. I make sure he does his basic writing skills as usual, since that's his weakness. I've been cutting out some "extra" subjects that I don't think we need to do when we're spending our time doing other things.


I don't think you'll run out of math. You might have to outsource it at some point, but you won't run out. :tongue_smilie:

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