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Best Litter Box for cats? (any good message boards for cat owners?)

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We will be getting our Cornish Rex kitten at the beginning of December (my kids are so excited). I hate the smell of cat litter - hate it! We've owned cats before, so I totally know it happens, but I want to minimize it. I'm fine with cleaning out the box once a day (or even twice), but I also know that's not the only issue.


Are there any good litter box systems out there these days? Same with litter? It's been a while since we had cats what with military moves and the kids being too young.


I've tried searching, but does anyone know of a message board that is specifically set up for cat owners to discuss stuff like this?

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I'd suggest you go with wood pellets for litter instead of the traditional clay or clumping clay. I hate litter smell, too, and wood pellets really keep the urine smell down and don't have an icky smell themselves. There are brands marketed as cat litter, but you can also buy pellets for pellet stoves (just make sure they are all wood and don't have any additives - most brands around here are all wood). The ones not marketed as litter are much less expensive.

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