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Making a meal for big family -- no dairy

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A woman I know just had her second set of twins. Her other children range in age from 12-3, for a total of seven kids. Their church is a good distance away, and so they aren't getting a lot of meals that way.


I'm scheduled to make a meal for them this week, and the only request is no dairy. I know they are healthy eaters, Bread Beckers bread makers, etc.


I was thinking of roasting two whole chickens so that they could have plenty of meat...and probably bake some potatoes and carrots for sides, fruit for dessert. Then, if I can swing it, send some tortillas and fixins so that the next day for lunch/dinner they could have chicken wraps.


Would this work, you think, for a family of nine? Or any other suggestions? The other meal someone is making this week is chili, and so that's already taken.



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We're dairy free and much more. I think your meal sound fantastic! I live in the south, (soon to relocate to the north). You might wrap some already steamed potatoes, so they just need warmed the next day.


You could shred some chicken with bbq to top on the potatoes.


Or some olive oil and good sea salt over the potatoes.:)

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The nicest meal we ever received after a baby was two whole chickens with carrots, potatoes, and fixings. It was brought to us by Camy (with the boybarians and one little girl) who used to be very active on these boards. I think your friends will greatly appreciate this meal. And two chickens would be the right amount for a family of that size.

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