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Do you have a lot of pans/tins/baking things?

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I am wondering if I have too few.


I can make 36 muffins at a time, but my oven is large enough that I could hold more if I had more tins.


I also have 24 mini muffin holders for very small dessert type things, but I wish I had more.


My cookie trays are toast, so I do need to replace those.


I don't have a nice cake pan or casserole dish, but do have 9x13 pyrex and make my casseroles and cakes in there.


I would really like more baking supplies.


What do you have?

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Way too much to list, lol.


I have multiples of everything. 3 or 4 pyrex 9x13, 8x8, pie plates, etc. Five or more cookie sheets each of several sizes. 5 or 8 large loaf pans, 9 or 12 small. Etc. All kinds of specialty pans stashed on the "kitchen shelves" (a gorilla rack) in the basement, lol.


I am a freezer cooker/baker, and so I like having multiples of standard sizes so I can bake/freeze/etc 3x to 6x batches at once. I might pop them out of the pan to go in the freezer, but it still helps to make things go much faster if you can fill the pans all at once.

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My cupboards have enough Pyrex, pottery and metal pans, to arm a church kitchen. I love having just the right size. Some are handmedowns I inherited, some I culled from sales, yard, antique and thrift store. I love the old Pyrex stuff, with floral patterns, but it shatters when it breaks. I buy pottery from Seagrove, and use it. I stack it, on a shelf the length of my porch if its pretty. I have one batch of about 30 pieces that I had husband make a "pan file" in one cabinet for, so I can get one piece out at a time to use. I don't have so many muffin tins, but lots of cake pans, shaped cake pans for patterned bundt type cakes, old tube cake pans. Daughter took a box full when she started an apt this fall. I have a couple boxes I had stored in the basement, that I need to let go of, and just keep favorites, as I am decluttering right now. I did buy way too many ceramic pans in search of the perfect lasagna size, and need to let go of a couple of those.

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I need more baking pans.


I have one muffin pan that makes 12 full-sized muffins.


I have a few crusty cookie sheets.


I have a few of those Silpat-style cookie sheet liners that I use to cover the bottom of my crusty cookie sheets when I need to use them. :D


I have two brand new 9" round cake pans.


I have several Pyrex items -- a 'lasagna' dish, a 9x13 dish, two loaf pans, and an 8x8 brownie dish.

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I am very comfortable with my stash:


3 cookie sheets with sides (double as pizza pans)

2 bread pans

2 regular muffin pans

2 mini muffin pans

1 8x8 glass pan

1 9x13 pyrex dish

2 9x13 metal pans (one isn't fit for cooking in so I use it to hold boiling water when baking bread)

2 pie pans

2 round cake pans

1 round glass casserole dish

1 angel food cake pan

1 bundt cake pan


This seems like a lot after I listed it all out! I use the mini muffin, angel food, and bundt pans rarely. The round cake pans are only for birthday cakes.

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I have a pretty similar assortment to what you listed, except I only have two muffin tins, no mini-muffin tins and do have four decent cookie sheets.


I also have a couple pie dishes and two 8" cake rounds that I almost never use. Pie is a pain, and the 9 x 13 Pyrex makes cake that tastes just the same. I'm too practical, I guess. :tongue_smilie:ETA: Oh yeah, and 5 bread pans--two smaller and 2 larger and one glass one. I guess I have more than I thought...


I've never been a big baker, but now that I have a new oven ( :hurray::hurray::hurray:), I am baking more. It turns out I actually do pretty well at it. My oven must have been pretty inaccurate and definitely did not heat evenly. All these years it wasn't my fault at all the cookies would burn on the bottom.


I was just recently thinking of what to possibly add soon. The holidays will be fast upon us. I may even do a pie or two.


Just for fun, here is my almost completed new kitchen complete with work crew. And cookies. (We've done a lot more work on this room since those pics.):



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Not enough. I've been spoiled from spending the last few years using my grandmother's well-stocked (overstocked, perhaps?) kitchen. When we moved out of her house about a year after she passed, I've discovered that I personally own 1 pie plate, 1 half sheet cake pan, 1 silicone mini-muffin pan that does 12 muffins, 1 heart-shaped Pampered Chef mini-muffin pan, 1 round cookie/pizza pan... and that's all. My grandmother's dishes that I left in the house will be up for grabs soon, though.


Wow. That sounded cold. I just mean that after my mom & her sisters have chosen what they want, I can choose a few "Mommaw pieces" for my own kitchen before I start shopping to round out my kitchen.

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I have just enough and some really random things as well. I have one regular muffin tin but four mini-muffin tins. I have one 9x13 pan, I also have a Christmas-tree shaped one, a heart-shaped one and cupcake pans for every fall and winter holiday there is. I even have a cake pan shaped like a Lego Minifig.


There are things I think would be nice, but nothing that I've needed badly enough to spend actual money on.

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