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Petitioning the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.

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And, really?! Your youngest is 7? Geez. I remember when he was born. I think I'm old. . . .

I know, right?! Kai turned 7 two weeks ago. Every year, his birthday stirs me emotionally, as that was such a very difficult time. I'm also just plain sad to see him grow up. I'm not particularly enjoying the teen years, and having a little person or two (little enough to enjoy life's simple pleasures but old enough to be somewhat independent, if you kwim) is often my sustenance. Big sigh.


Hey, btw, did you run a marathon yet? I did my third at the end of September. It can become a habit!

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Thanks. I'm afraid the problem will ultimately be that all food is GM food, whether by design or accident, so I'm not sure how much good this will do in the end.... I also feel certain that even in the short run, if we manage to get labeling, lobby groups will manage to get items that are questionable grandfathered in as non-GM, even though at least some of their contents are....

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