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Homeschooling while packing, moving, unpacking

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We're moving October 29th (3 miles away) and need to continue schooling as much as possible in the meantime because we report to a virtual academy. Our advisory teacher can be flexible with our progress, but I don't want to get behind and get stuck with a ton to do over the summer. We really don't like summer school!


Please help me think of anything I'm forgetting.


1. The big kids have their binders and all of their books in crates. I added extra lined paper and graph paper to their binders. I'm going to add basic supplies (ie. pencils, erasers, manual pencil sharpener, etc) to pencil boxes for their crates.


2. The shared reference books and teacher's manuals are in a file box. I'll add some red pens for marking work.


3. I have a list of the art and science supplies needed between for the scheduled projects. I'm pulling everything I need between now and the end of our first week at the new house. I'll put those in a plastic storage box (so it doesn't look like a packing box and get packed by accident). I rescheduled one project that would be just too much for this time.


4. I'll have them pack a suitcase with one week's worth of clothing before packing up the rest. I'll make sure they pack up what they need for PE (taekwondo and flag football).


Anything else?



I'm not sure what to keep out for the 4 and 2 year old as far as activities and toys. Any suggestions?

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