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Favorite Halloween Crafts?

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I'm trying to think up some easy things I can do to decorate around my house for my pumpkin carving party!


...and I searched but there weren't any threads about Halloween crafts yet :)


So please humor my creative inner monster! :001_smile:


I will pay for advice with happy faces and appreciative comments!

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This is not so much a craft, or maybe an edible craft....


Ghost Graveyard

Bake a pan of brownies, cut them into rectangular grave shapes (spread any crumbles for extra dirt)

Melt some chocolate to use as glue

Glue those white marshmallow ghosts (the peeps ones) to some graves

Use flat cookies as tombstones , write funny sayings on them with melted chocolate and tip decorator or buy the decorator frosting

Use the mini pumpkins here and there with some green dyed cocunut

Use shoe string black licorice to make fences


Each year we wind up adding some extra to our edible ghost graveyard

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