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Has anyone felt an aversion to homeschooling while pregnant?

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I have three girls, my oldest is almost 6. We are just starting out, obviously, but I've been planning on homeschooling for years. My daughter is cooperative, learning a lot, happy with things the way they are, but has also always wanted to go to school. She is super social, very bright, etc. Really, really wonderful girl.


Right now I am about 12 weeks pregnant. I have not been sick, and I hardly feel pregnant at all. However, I feel a weird sort of aversion to homeschooling. I don't want to read about it, I don't want to think about it, and I don't really want to do it. I take my daughter to soccer and see her light up around the other kids and wonder if I should just put her into school. I've never really thought of public school as an option, but now I think about it all the time! We live far out in the country, where there is pretty much one option for school. It's a small public school that is mediocre at the very best.


Has anyone felt like this and snapped out of it later? I feel so sad. We aren't doing a lot, so I don't think I'm burned out. Homeschooling just seems so unappealing lately.

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I'm due in 3 weeks, & I kind-of know what you mean. It's partly lack of energy, partly lack of brain cells, but mostly...NOTHING that I normally love has any appeal right now. I mean NOTHING. Not even chocolate! :lol:


So what to do? If hs'ing really is best for you guys (& it sounds like it is), is there anything you can change about it for now to make it more enjoyable? Unschool, field trips, get as far away from "school" as you need to.


:grouphug: Congratulations on your new one, btw!

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I'm 15 weeks and felt very similar from about week 8 until recently. I think it was just a lack of energy and crazy hormones. I will probably feel the same after the baby arrives until the hormones balance out again. Our policy is that we make no major decisions during the first trimester or the first 8 weeks post-partum, and if possible, at all during the pregnancy (although that isn't always realistic due to circumstances that require us to act).

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I second the thought that decisions should not be made when pregnant, if possible. Pregnancy is the time for sleep, tv, Netflix documentaries, and worksheets. Just take it easy and grow that baby! If you have a two year old and a ten month old too then you really, really need to give your body and emotions a lot of leeway. They are wiped out.

I know, my body, emotions and I have been there. It's a hard path.

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