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What would you include in a care / information binder?


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If you want to make a more general reference notebook to cover all the various pieces of household information, I suggest that you check out FlyLady's Control Journal.


Then it's just a matter of adding a section to address the SN issues. To your list, if you have a picky eater, I'd add information on food. And all kids should have information on any allergies, particularly to medications and food.

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...what others can you think of?



Michele, since you have documented your journey very well here on this special needs forum, make sure you somehow connect for them your user name here to you. In the event of your untimely demise. reading the adventures chronologically in your own words would provide tremendous insight for anyone who needed to step in and care for your family.


All the information you have posted on WTM would be a lot for a new primary caregiver to take in at once, but after the dust has settled, if I was a caregiver of your children, I would want to eventually read your old posts. If it was someone like my sister (or anyone else whom I knew well enough to entrust me with her children,) reading the details of her everyday life could be very therapuetic as I dealt with the loss of her along with needing to care for her special needs children. I'm sure I'd ball my eyes out--in a good and healing kind of way. :crying:

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I haven't done it here, but I periodically go read my own blog. Some of the stories are fascinating (and very eye-opening in a retrospective fashion).


I would also include:


A rough copy of the budget, information on extracurricular activities and how/when payments are due and how/when to get discounts, if they are available. For example, DD's violin teacher and DS' swim school both offer discounts for paying for a semester or year up front. I generally take advantage of these.


A list of the kids' friends, their parents' addresses and phone numbers.


Letters written to DH and the kids.


A list of curriculum and where to purchase it, OR the location of all information relevant to getting a child enrolled in school (immunization records, birth certificate, etc.). I would probably also include a list of books or links on how to request and set up an IEP.

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