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Court today

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Today's the day I go to court with the neighbor (I was supposed to move into his house, he's claiming that I defaulted on the lease and is trying to sue me for $1900 + court cost + interest).


The house is still not done! :D I'm pretty sure that makes my case a no question winner. The lease had stated that some things would be left in the house, like the piano and bunk beds, but doesn't mention all of the other things still there.


He currently has a dumpster, and from what I can see he has been working on the house.


I'm going through my previous posts to create a dated record. Court at 2. I'll update as soon as possible.

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I hope it all goes well - dh and I know how nerve wracking this type of thing can be. My advice is to stay focused on the issue which is that the property was supposed to be in a certain condition in order for your rental to begin, and it was not brought to that condition -- essentially meaning that the rental could not occur. Good Luck!:grouphug:

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I may have lost! :( I will not know for a few days.


Every statement I made was defended by him with things that sounded like it came from the uncle.


Why I said that the house was not cleared out, he said he could have had it cleared in 24 hours if I had given him the deposit.


He lied (I have no proof) about agreeing to accept housing, or the deposit after we moved in.


He said he could have had the cats gone in 2 seconds.


He never did anything to show ME that he was serious, not the other way around!


I did plan for worst case; I have nothing. Even if a judgement is made against me, I have no earned income, no fancy car, no property. It would suck to lose, but there is nothing to be pulled out of me.

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Pictures of things done today and anything after Sept 1st doesn't matter because he said he started to do work for a new possible tenant when I backed out.


If he said that, then maybe that will work for you. If the place was 24 hours away from move in ready, then he would not need a dumpster or a month to get ready for a new tenant.

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