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A few vintage books that may be of interest


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I found these texts that might be of interest for those looking for living books for CM. Or for those of us who can't seem to get enough of the things.

(Is there a support group for vintage book addicts? Something like VBA that would meet in a library basement on Tuesdays?:tongue_smilie:)


A New Geography for Children-Harriet Beecher Stowe

Yes, that one. Very interesting. It's one of the first geography books for kids that begins with teaching kids how to map their own area. There are prominent references to God as the author of creation, and scripture passages. Some of the descriptive passages (icebergs really caught my attention) are very pretty. Like most old geographies, some names have changed.


English Lessons for English People-Edwin Abbott Abbott

Caught my attention because of the author. Flatland happens to be a story I really liked. This thing is intense. I wish it was complete, but it looks as if there are pages missing from the scanning. The section on poetics was interesting.


A Child's History of England-Charles Dickens

My main complaint is that like a lot of Dickens, it's too **** long. But again, some good descriptive language, which is sort of refreshing when it comes to history.


Also, in that same vein, I recently got two books from our library-The Roman Republic and The Dark Ages by Issac Asimov that were good reads. I liked the first one enough to go look for it to purchase, but couldn't find it for less that 96$.:blink: I don't think my addiction is out of control, but I do admit to wondering if I eat peanut butter for lunch for six weeks could I save enough to get it?

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Or just a good books forum period.

Got another one: NOT vintage, but destined for my shelf to be pulled out and re-read over and over again. I'd probably put it at ninth or tenth grade level--there's a little language.


The Disappearing Spoon (and other true tales of madness, love, and history of the world from The Periodic Table of the Elements)

by Sam Kean

No joke--it's great stuff. Who could forget mercury after learning that it was a main ingredient in Rush's Thunderbolts, the laxative treatment carted out west by Lewis and Clark? Seriously, they can track camp sites by the mercury. Or that gallium looks just like alluminum, only it becomes liquid at around 85 degrees F, so a parlor trick is to make a spoon out of it, serve a cup of tea, insert spoon and watch everybody gasp when the liquid "eats" the spoon. It's pleasant reading and very interesting.

But not vintage--2010 publication date

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I dug up a few more books from the vintage well that may be of use.


Foundation Lessons in English Grammar-Oscar Isreal Woodley

Foundation Lessons in English 1 and 2 by the same

English Studies in interpretation and composition for high school-Myra Soper Woodley and Oscar Isreal Woodley


Yeah, I need more grammar and English comp books like I need a hole in the head. But these are interesting. For one thing, there is a real focus on depth of expression in language that is sometimes lacking from elementary language texts, particularly in English 2. And the excerpt from Lowell in the high-school level text had me in stitches I was laughing so hard. (That one starts the book, a good sign!)


First Lessons in Reading-Richard and Wheeler Soule

This was the real gem tonight. The one drawback to using Webster's speller for me has been not having a laid out lesson plan past the initial pages. Since the speller transitions into word lists without clear rules it can seem like free-climbing. This book is like a safety harness. It is clearly written with the syllabary in mind, the words are marked up well throughout, and it goes over every sound laid out in the first pages of Webster's speller. I will be printing out this one tonight.


All finds were Google Book searches tonight. Enjoy!

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