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Internet password funny with dd

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I have a program installed on the kids' computers. My favorite feature is the time lock.


Dd was sent upstairs to get ready for bed. I knew she had her computer, but she didn't know about the new time lock.


She was taking quite a while "getting ready for bed" and all of a sudden comes to me with car questions.


dd: So mom, what was your first car?

me: (I know what she's trying to do) I don't really remember. Maybe it was the Honda. No, it was your grandfather's BMW. Oh, wait, I think the Saturn was my first. Yes, the saturn.

dd: I forget, what color was it?

me: Oh, it was a funny Saturn greenish blue.


A few minutes goes by and I yell to dd "Dd, I'm not stupid." She yells back "oh! Come on!"

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