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Oh, my stinkin' house!!

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My vacuum cleaner head started on fire about a week ago, and since it's under warranty, I've been waiting 7 days to get it back. In the meanwhile, I've been using the broom to clean everything; we have two dogs and a cat and I'm about to die keeping up with all that hair holding just a lousy broom.


My cat is having some issues with crystals in his urine, and when he's not closed into the laundry room waiting for his medication to finally work, we've been keeping a vigilant eye one him because apparently he's associating "pain" with his litter box. :glare::glare::glare:


My dryer has bad bearings and has been sending out the most intense, ear piercing sounds imaginable (the kind that send the dogs into hiding) for weeks. Today, after over 2 hours of running non-stop, I checked on it - it was cold and all the laundry was still wet. I've got another in the washing machine waiting for the non-working dryer to dry it.


Soon, very soon, the world will hear a primal scream, and you lot will know from whom it came.



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Can you borrow a vacuum, and hang your laundry out to dry? Ugh. The hard things never happen one at a time.




Not really that much space in which to hang it. I don't have a line outside (but I am seriously thinking about stringing something up between the trees!). And you know what? I never, not once, thought of borrowing someone else's vacuum. :001_huh: How stupid is that?! I can't believe it didn't occur to me. Good grief I'm vacant sometimes. And I wish I would have read that before I went to Best Buy...


I called the vacuum cleaner repair guy this morning because my part was supposed to be in yesterday. Now it's sometime next week. So, dh and I went to BB and bought a new washer and dryer (and it took about 2 hours to decide because ours vents through the floor and normal people vent theirs through the wall and naturally all dryers are made for the normal people), and by that time I was so frustrated, I grabbed some green vacuum in a box on a nearby shelf and added to my bill.


Oh, and when I went into the laundry room this morning to figure out what to do with all the wet laundry, I found that *someone* forgot to take out the dry clothes before they added the wet load, so the thing was trying to dry 2 full loads (jeans, towels, sweaters - all the heavy stuff) at once. No wonder it didn't work! And about 50 shredded tissues were falling out the door, clogging the screen, covering all of the clothes...




Not. Gonna. Talk. About. It. Anymore.

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