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woo hoo! major score today

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In the next town over the only movie rental/second hand book store is closing down. They have marked all paperback books down to 0.25 so I decided to see what they have. In addition to all the homeschooling and parenting books I found I got a copy of ALL YEAR ROUND for a quarter! This is a Waldorf book that has been in my amazon shopping cart forever because I just don't have the money to spend on new books right now. You can bet I had a quarter for this one. Other titles I bought were:


*Parents are teachers, too (enriching your child's first six years)

*More Parents are teachers, too (encouraging your 6-12 yr old)

*Teaching your children Joy

*Usborne library science Materials

*From head to Toe(Scholastic book about the human body)

*The Buried city of Pompeii

*A Tomie dePaola book about St. Patrick

*Life & Earth Sciences Ideas and Activities every teacher and parent can use

*Radar, Hula Hoops and playful Pigs: 67 Digestible commentaries on the fascinating chemistry of everyday life

*Incredible Skeleton Secrets

*Love and Logic Magic for Early childhood

*The Gift of Fear

*3 out of 4 volumes of Mary Pride's Big Book of Home Learning: vol 1 getting started; vol 2 preK and elementary, and Vol 4 afterschooling

*Pandora's Picnic Basket: The potential and hazards of genetically modified foods

*The Velocity of Honey and more science of everyday life

*After Deschooling, What?

*Ancient Rome

*Petrouchka(Based on the Russian Ballet)


Plus a handful of children's books by scholastic and seymour simon. All of it for only a quarter each! I Love books so much :D


My plan is that once I have read through the homeschooling ones I am going to add them to the resource library I am trying to compile for our homeschool support group.

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Woohoo! Great score! :hurray:


I am a book junkie and love the thrill of finding a great book at an awesome price! You got some great titles :001_smile: and I bet you will get some wonderful ideas from All Year Round. It's a fantastic book, and for a quarter, WOW!!

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