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Help me think of a logical consequence.

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At this age, kids are so impulsive. Was this impulsive? Or was it mean-spirited? I would let an impulsive act go without any further attention other than apologizing to the friend and a short talk about why this action was unacceptable. When the friend comes to visit again, I would review the basic rules.


If I had a dime for the times my preschoolers have done something inadvisable just out of impulsivity...the kids grow out of this with no real major intervention needed.

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Oh goodness. I'd be "what on earth were you thinking?" to which I'd expect to get a blank look. Then I tell him to wash his hands as logically, you touch poop, you wash your hands. He should probably tell his friend sorry or that he was wrong also. But seriously, it was just an impulsive nuttiness kids come up with.

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So you like to pick up poop hey - here's a shovel - go out and do dog poop duty :D


I like that. Maybe he could pick up all the dog poop (PROPERLY) and have to clean himself up afterward, throw out the trash bag and all that, before his friend can come play next time.


I'm assuming you don't have a humongous yard and ten dogs. That would be a bit much for a four-year-old.

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