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Elevated platelets - anyone have experience with this & feel like sharing?

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I went for an annual physical a few weeks ago, my BP, LDL/HDL, cholesterol are great. TSH in normal range (Mom has hypothyroid). I am overweight and the Dr. wants me to lose some weight although I am not obese. My fasting glucose level shows glucose intolerance (103 - should be 99 or less). I don't smoke and rarely drink although when I do (about once a month or so) it's probably too much.


Five years ago when I went for a physical, all my numbers were good except my platelets - 500 range. This year they were in the 600 range. The Dr wants me to go to a hematologist but I think at this point it's a waste of time and that if I watch my diet more carefully and 'fix' my glucose intolerance and weight; that will address the issue. I'm also medication adverse. Unless you tell me that I have an 80% of dropping dead if I don't take the med, I'm not interested in taking the med. Dad's cardiologist and GP have slowly killed him over the years by over medicating him. (Don't even get me started.) I'm a firm believer that meds harm more than heal and should be taken as a last resort.


Of course I'm not expecting anyone here to have a crystal ball but has anyone seen had elevated platelets, espoused a healthier lifestyle and found their platelet numbers return to normal range. Web searches on this topic are mixed.


Thanks for reading and sharing.

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I have elevated platelets due to RA. I don't know if this specifically causes me problems or not, but it's not something the rheumatologist focuses on during visits, and I don't do anything specifically to bring it down. I take meds for RA, but my platelet count is still usually high, even if I'm feeling good.

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Thanks for your reply. :) Like you, I don't feel poorly because of elevated platelets. I would never even have known if the CBC hadn't told me so.


After more research, I'm even more convinced that insulin resistance is to blame and I can "fix" that, I can fix the platelet issue. I'll give it 6 months of lifestyle change and then see where my numbers are at. I don't feel like funding the hematologist's new Mercedes. ;). Especially when they'll probably push pharmaceuticals at me which to me, is a last resort.

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