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colostomy question, poss. TMI.

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I'm a nurse who has a patient with one. We use Gas-X (Simethicone) to help. It doesn't reduce the noise, but will help with the frequency. There are lists of foods to avoid also to reduce gassiness. Really not much will quiet the noise, you just have to do your best to avoid foods that cause gas and reduce air in the GI tract (be sure not to swallow a lot of air while eating and drinking).


An unrelated tip is to put Tic Tacs into the bag, and it will somewhat reduce the odor when emptying the bag (not by a lot, but a little!).


We recommend that if there is unexpected flatulence to look at the person next to you and say something along the lines of "Well, excuse you!!" :D


ETA: We use the maximum daily dosage of Simethicone, and you can experiment if it works best before eating, with a meal, or after.

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