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If you were not here at the start of the poll frenzy

What did you first think?  

  1. 1. What did you first think?

    • I was gobsmacked
    • Nothing that happens on the general board surprises me
    • Something in the middle
    • Other

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I voted that nothing that happens on the board surprises me but it does make me laugh!!


I keep looking to see the whole page covered with polls but I've not been lucky so far and now I have to go and get on with work. Good luck!

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I think it's dumb and I miss the smart conversations that cannot now spontaneously erupt because the board has been co-opted by inane polls. So I'll head over to some political sites until it all blows over but I am dying to know how a friend here did during her doctor's appointment today. I'm worried it will just get lost in the polls.

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Nothing on this board surprises me anymore. :)


Hey, remember when we could rate posts with stars, or somthing like that, and someone went on a roll and rated a bunch of posts? Okay, I am not making sense but I remember something like that!


When I saw all the polls, I laughed. I love this board!

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It was hilarious and just the laugh I needed.


Then I briefly thought I was a little nuts, because I knew some of the polls were things I'd seen before. But some were brand new. So I was double checking the dates on all of them, just in case. Only one did I open, intend to vote and see "you already voted in this poll" LOL!!


I thought it was a fun distraction and a bit of time wasting genius. I seriously needed that yesterday, so I'm quite grateful.

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I don't mind, but I also was bored with all the old polls being resurrected. When I logged on last night almost the entire first page was polls. Some from a couple of years ago. I tried to go further back to find some regular topics to read about, but it appeared that most of the people were gone for the night....I assume they were bored and logged off too.

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