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Really, really big DUH!

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I just started reading .... The Well Trained Mind! :leaving:


It's great!!! (like I said, DUH <--- Picture 4yo girl with hands on her hips)


I'm putting my plan together for next year. Nothing crazy since I have to focus on this year. I do feel guilty for leaving my dd in PS this long knowing it wasn't working, but I hope that her and I can jump in and try to get her close to where I'd like her to be.


It really seems like a much better plan than what PSs insist on doing (I know, another DUH), and should be a much better fit for my ds, especially early writing skills.


I'm going to try and use it as much as possible with both kids this year while still doing a bit of their PS work.

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I'm on my 3rd reading of WTM; each time I go through it, I learn more. It's been my constant companion now for a a while.


The first time I read it, I just read it.


The second time I read it, I net-researched/board researched while going through it.


This third time, I've made a notebook and have started selecting long-term materials I've found through it. I couldn't give this copy away now, it's all underlined, highlighted up, looks like a coloring book inside now...


We ordered SOTW during the second reading; and that was a priceless moment when after flipping through the pages I told my daughter..."you know, this book is going to last you about four years. That's how long it's going to take to get through it properly..."




Darling was in the room while this conversation was going on and became curious- so it was an opportunity to talk about the cycling of materials. He's always interested in "what" WTM is about, but our field of "good time to discuss this" is fairly rare.


I'm totally chomping at the bit to discuss rhetoric with someone that knows what that is...I'm rolling around the sudden realization that different stages for different skills/subjects are totally possible within 1 child.


And that's kinda a trip.


I do think the approach for stages / ages is right on..but I'm seeing also that the fluency can vary with one child...trying to keep all that straight is sort of weird as things actually happen.


PS: This is the thread that drove me over the edge on going paragraph by paragraph on WTM and cost me about 250 bucks in materials initially...Hunter (the OP)- is really awesome and a deep thinker. You might enjoy this thread since you are just beginning and have that excited "aha" consciousness around you right now..



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