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Which Kindle for a 12 YO?

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The cheapest WiFi one without ads which is $109. I don't want my dd sold to. I have the Kindle 3G, but sometimes, I really need a book when I'm not at home which my dd would not.


I'm considering getting her one for her birthday now that the library has Kindle lending. I currently have a collection of books on my Kindle for her to read, but sometimes we have trouble sharing.

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We are actually looking at the new Kindle Fire for my 10 & 12 yr old ds for Christmas, they are $199, but they basically have everything an ipad has, but are smaller(so easier to take places) and much cheaper!! If I only wanted the book reader for them, I would go with the basic Kindle for $

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With electronics, you have to ask yourself about the lifetime of the device. Is your 12yo likely to kill the Kindle or lose it within the year? If so, I'd look at the cheapest model or a used one (refurb maybe) so I didn't have so much heart break when the inevitable happened.


But if this is a fairly responsible kid and you expect the Kindle to be something they can use for the next 3-4 years, I would buy the one with the WIFI and no ads so it keeps being useful. I'm not so sold on color, though I have a friend who tells me that it makes a nice tablet for surfing the web.....


And buying a *good* case is well worth the money.

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