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the creative type?


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I am really struggling with ds11...so close to putting him back in school or something closer to a school. This is our 3rd year homeschooling and he's in 5th grade. He tested gifted back at 6 yrs old (134) and on last year's Explore test he scored 99% in his grade level among the kids tested.


He is SO not detail oriented. DH is exceedingly detail oriented and I am on what is important (e.g. schoolwork, but not house cleaning :) ) He is doing pre-algebra but subtracts wrong, he writes on the wrong side of the looseleaf, he forgets to capitalize proper nouns and put in periods...he is making me crazy! Yesterday he left his piano books and the book he was told to bring to read during his brother's lesson at home despite multiple reminders well ahead of time. He also got upset because he said he had forgotten to eat lunch before piano lessons (it was 2PM!)


His piano teacher was sympathetic...he said he had been a creative child living in his own world. I am not sure this is the issue but it made me wonder. I am very analytical, as is dh. I don't understand this type :) If he is the "creative type", how would I handle him differently? I still feel he needs to be able to function in the real world even though he is homeschooled. He is not creative in the traditional sense of the word, but he does enjoy writing stories in his free time, he's a decent artist and makes up stuff on the piano, changing his assigned pieces. He has an unusual sense of humor tending towrds playing with language.


Any creative types out there - Help!

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brownie - I had one of those children. And in my family of engineers, he stood out like a sore thumb. Nobody knew what to do with him. "Dangerously incompetent" was the way they described his math. Getting him to the right place with the right stuff at the right time was a major challenge. He was in public school until 5th, when I pulled him out. He is still a challenge today, but he is in college now. LOL We are currently wondering how to get him to check to see if he is supposed to be working this weekend when we are visiting. The struggle goes on a long time. However, he is in college now. Some things he can manage fine on his own. He has travelled in Europe and Japan. He is a wonderful, sweet, good person. Your son sounds so much like mine, sense of humour and all! I'm rushing off right now, but I will come back and tell you some of the things we did which helped. Mostly what helped was gentle pressure, lots of reminders, tackling one good habit at a time, acknowledging that he is always going to struggle with this and working out strategies (like always putting his car keys in the same place and having different coloured notebooks for each subject so he doesn't grab the wrong one), and biggest of all - waiting until he was older. It is really important to think of these people as late bloomers, and to remember that this type is so common that our language actually has a common term for them. In a different family, they might not seem so extraordinary. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Mine is pretty bright, too. It is a brain wiring that makes them able to manage some things that are extremely difficult for most adults but not able to manage many common childhood things.



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