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Ebooks Worth Purchasing

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So every once in while I run across an ebook that looks interesting, but most are sold on individual websites and without the ability to check it out at the library or to read lots of Amazon reviews <sigh> I just don't know if they are worth purchasing! So I would love to know, what are your favorite (non-curricula) ebooks that you have purchased? (homeschooling or otherwise)

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BFSU books

Philosophy for Kids

Math Mammoth books

Just about all of SWB's books

Any novel


I have tons of ebooks. There are very few that I regret buying. The only ones I hesitate to purchase are instructional books for the kids (such as carpentry) and Sonlight books. My daughter enjoys holding the SL books in her hand, even though she has a Kindle that she enjoys and that never leaves her side.

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Anything at all by Bill Bryson. I am, at present, howling my way through his, I'm a Stranger Here Myself. I almost peed my pants reading through his description of ice skating. Every time I pick one up I am reminded of why he is one of my all time most beloved writers. Get them all, now. :)


Devoured Ree Drummond's, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, my very first library book on my Kindle. It was a delight.


SWB's History of the Ancient World


Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples or anything by Churchill, I love his prose.


Read through the first three of the Iron Druid Chronicles and loved them. I was looking for some humorous fantasy and saw this recommended on MobileReads. Love my Kindle for immediate gratification. Atticus is an ancient druid, the last of his kind and he hangs with an Irish Wolfhound that goes by the name of Oberon. He looks twenty-something and owns a book/herbal shop. With an enchanting cast of characters (sometimes literally) Hounded was a pleasure from start to finish. Hard to write a review without spoilers but these are funny and fun, a good romp and I recommend them


Here is my Goodreads page, I like looking at covers.


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