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JEAN: Can we have an update on Libby?

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She's come a long way from when I brought her home from the hospital a month ago after being hit by a car. She was like a newborn then and had to be turned every two hours because she couldn't turn herself, had to have water syringed into her mouth because she couldn't drink, couldn't potty normally etc. Now she's a "normal" dog but on 3 legs. She can eat, sleep, potty and drink all normally. She can go up and down stairs, though sometimes her good front leg buckles from all the extra strain and she does a face plant.


As to her paralyzed right front leg, things seem to have not progressed much at all. She occasionally has a twitch in that leg that seems promising but she cannot move it consciously. It makes me sad when I do her daily therapy to see how much her muscles have atrophied. She's still on Tramadol (pain reliever) because the therapy (massage and range of motion) seems to be painful to her. She's also tapering off of Prednisone.


For those who missed it, this is Libby.



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Oh my gosh, Jean, look at her little face! I swear she looks like she wants to talk in that picture! She is SO CUTE beyond words!!!!!!!! What an absolute LOVE!!!


I'm SO happy to hear of her progress! I was so hoping this would be the outcome...... almost. I feel badly about her bum leg, because if I remember correctly, you said that it's going to have to be amputated if she doesn't gain use of it. :sad: I know the financial situation of it all, I'm just so sorry. She's come SO far, I just wish she'd be able to use that leg SOME to keep it from atrophying!!!!!!!! Poor baby!!!


You've done so much work with her. And you!!! :grouphug:


thanks for the update. I will have to show my dd's the picture of her tomorrow when they wake up (if we have time...... all day co-op tomorrow) because I am CERTAIN they will notice her mouth and how it looks like she wants to talk! Thanks for sharing the picture!

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