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French-speakers...I need some guidance pls :)


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I am Canadian, and although it's been YEARS since I have spoken french (highschool-I'm now 33), I've still "got it" so to speak. I want to teach my girls the basics, but have NO budget to purchase anything. Where should I start? Are there good websites? Should I just stick with various vocab-animals, colors, numbers, alphabet?


thanks :)

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Breakfast cereal boxes!


Really, truly - boxes, packages, whatever you've got in your house. Get a cheap dictionary (better yet, find one online), and look up the words you don't know. Name every single product in French as you put it out on the table. The French is there and it's FREE with every purchase of absolutely anything...! (I realized a few months ago that I'm sure going to miss it when we move to Israel)


I mean, you might do something "educational" and I'm sure there are fun YouTube videos for colours, numbers, etc, but that's all I'm doing with my kids. Oh, yeah... reading fortune cookies and cigarette package warnings in both languages.


(NO, I don't buy cigarettes. But we see enough packages all over the streets and in parks.)

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Does your library offer Mango Languages?


It's a Rosetta Stone-like online program through your local library for learning languages.


It's not always obvious if your library does from their website. Ask.


You might also enjoy the free podcasts from Coffee Break French. I like to listen to them when I do the dishes. My kids have caught a bunch of french too. :D

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I am starting my kids by reading them children's books in French:


Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs and Ham, Guess How much I Love You, The Very Hungry Caterpillar... are some examples.


We go through the story, learn the vocabulary, conjugate the verbs, discuss masculine and feminine forms, build sentences and phrases from the vocabulary we have learned. They LOVE it., and now a couple friends have joined us and we are having French story time once a week. The kids are really getting it.

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