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Dd is 11 and in 6th grade. She has always been a bit 'behind' in Math, whereas her brother has always been a bit 'ahead' in Math, so they are using the same curriculum. She doesn't like Math and gets easily frustrated trying to understand concepts. That said, she has been making lots of progress this year and last. She is understanding a lot of things better now. I would like to get her as 'caught up' as possible this year, without stressing her out. We are currently using Singapore 4A and 5A simultaneously, as well as MEP level 3 for supplemental review. We will then do 4B/5B. I don't currently own Singapore 6A and 6B, should I buy it? They just finished Math Mammoth multiplication and can either start the division or fractions materials next. We also have Life of Fred Fractions to use this year. What else should I be using, doing? I have went and looked at 6th grade standards for Math, but I'm still not sure exactly what materials I could/should be using to get her 'caught up'. She has been plugging right along and making a lot of progress positively and I'd like to keep it that way. If she is caught up at the end of this school year what curriculum/materials should she be able to start next year? Pre-Algebra?

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