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After SL Core 4?


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We've done Sonlight in the "combined Cores" the last two years-1/2 last year and 3/4 this year, mostly by reading whatever book was the Spine together (and adding omitted chapters) and doing the timelining/geography-type stuff, but ignoring the IG for other books, letting DD read the books that she was ready to handle independently on her own, and saving the really wonderful/heavier ones for read-alouds. It's worked very well for my book-loving, likes textbooks kid.


Looking ahead to next year, though (since I want to start shopping the library book sales and used bookstores-I got almost all of Core 3 and 4 for .25/book), Core 5 doesn't seem to have that spine. It has a lot of good books, but I don't really see the "shared" part in this core that would lend itself to being the "history" part of the school day for my child who seems to do best when she has a "Textbook" to follow and build on, and who, at this time in her life wants school to look "like school". I think she'd love the books for the most part, but I can't see her accepting cuddling on the couch to read the digital world book Encyclopedia together!


Does anyone have any suggestions/experience as to how Core 5/F works for a child who has really loved the "spine with additional books" format, or what would be a good alternative to follow Core 4/E other than core 5/F?




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We are using Core 5 right now with our oldest and it is different from all of the others up to this point. The world book is being used as independent work by her while we have our read aloud time using the history books and novels provided. Also the readers as assigned are, IMHO, integral to the history reading. She has a lot of individual reading to do in addition to our reading together. As far as cores to piece together it is my opinion this would be particularly hard to do without the IG. HTH

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A friend of mine skipped Core 5 for this type of reason. She's doing Core 6 with her 5th & 7th graders.


Since yours are so young, had you thought about starting (history) over using SOTW as a spine & using the Activity Guide for the readers/read alouds? Or look at the history text for K-12 (The Human Odyssey) as your spine?


Does your dd like lapbooks?

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