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Thinking about getting IQ testing


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My ds11 has always been bright. I have mostly understated that to him and others...encouraging him to work hard, do his best, improve his work/study habits and that all will be fine.


Lately we have been having some issues present themselves that have me questioning my decision to not have him tested. Is it too late? It seems I read on the boards years ago that there was an optimal window for testing.


Does anyone have an experience with testing at this age? Who administers such a test?

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For me, it was profoundly helpful to have the assessment. It was incredibly reassuring to have an outsider confirm my reading of DS. We tested when he was 6 at the local university program (inexpensive). Personally, I would not wait (or maybe would test again), if there is a chance that results might help with parenting or educating.


(It has also given me confidence that our tester was so relieved and happy to hear that we are homeschooling DS.)



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