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Free celiac care package

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I just received a gift basket from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. I'm amazed at everything in it. I was expecting maybe one or two samples.


Here is a list of all the food they sent:


Box of Bisquick


Box of Betty Crocker cake mix


Mini box of Rice Chex


Bag of dried seasoned peas


Bag of Udi's granola


Bag of pizza crust mix


Can of Progresso soup


Small bag of Glutino pretzels


Small bag of Ian's cookies


Small bag of Crunchmaster crackers


Small bag of Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookies


Sample bag of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter


5 bars of Larabar snack bars


Sample bag of soy sauce



Then they sent a Living Without magazine, a multi-language phrase book for eating out, and a lot of other information. It was all wrapped up in pretty paper and a big bow.



So if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with celiac (within three months) you can ask them for a care package. You do have to have been diagnosed with biopsy, and they contact your Dr. to verify.



I'm going to send them a donation because it was such a nice gift.

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I'll look into it when I go for the official dx. :001_smile: Waiting until after the baby is born, etc to get testing done, since there's nothing more I could do with an official dx that I'm not having to do already.


I'm just grateful that I can have dairy!

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Not much longer and your baby will be here! How exciting!


I will admit. I'm a tad bit jealous.

You're welcome to come visit :D


OB doesn't think we'll make it til due date, cause apparently he's freakin huge. Basically, OB wouldn't be surprised with any day now.

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