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Singapore/miquon schedule and organization


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My ds7 just switched from MUS to singapore and miquon this year and it's been wonderful! He understood more in one week then he did for all of first grade last year.

That said, I can't figure out exactly how to arrange the day, the week, the term,, etc.

We are about to finish 1b and I have been using the HIG, workbook, CWP and the first Miquon book. But it feels pretty haphazard. We do a lesson from the HIG/workbook and a couple of CWPs and then maybe spend a few days at the end on the same concept with Miquon.

I'm about to order the 2a materials...and want to know if I should add IP, and if so...how? Where in the day/week does that fit in? And should I stick with CWP and Miquon in addition to the core HIG/workbook?

If someone would post their basic schedule for each day or week that shows a format for getting all of these elements (and how long per day that it takes you) in I would be so so grateful!

Also, what is a sign that math is taking too long? The kid looking tired? The amount of time? We like CM over here and I just don't think the Singapore can fit into her short lesson scheme.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help us out! Also, if there are old threads that do this feel free to point me that way...I did a search but nothing came up on the first two pages so I'm posting what I'm sure is a tired-out old question yet again. Thanks,


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