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ds called home from college to ask me how to cook black beans...

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out of a can! :lol:



Lest you think I am a total failure in preparing my kids for real life, this guy has been doing his own laundry at least 6 years and he remembered seeing me wash and drain the beans (I do it to get rid of the sodium) and couldn't remember whether I had done that before or after I cooked them. But he wanted to know whether to put water in the pan, what temp, etc, etc. His younger brothers are forever making pancakes from scratch for "snacks," and the day before Thanksgiving last year, my schedule was really full and I was able to ask the two youngest to make the pumpkin custard and cranberry sauce while I was at work, which they did perfectly.


It's just for oldest ds, being cooked for somehow equaled being loved/nurtured and he just would not learn cooking. It wasn't a battle I chose to fight. I figured he'd learn when he needed to eat. His roommate posted on FB that their first dinner together had been a success, so I guess it all went okay! :lol:

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I was trying to "like" Diana's post... but yes, that.


My husband lived on Pizza Rolls until he met me. I'm pretty sure you did great if he's making black beans!


That's funny--I never even thought of that angle. We do eat healthy food around here and that ds in particular is the least attracted to junk food. I just thought the "How do you cook a can of ___?" was hilarious!

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:lol::lol::lol:that's CUTE!!!


I've never cooked canned beans before unless they're going in chili. I usually toss them into marinaded salads. I hope they didn't just eat plain hot beans!!!:lol:


Well, we eat black bean burritos a lot. So sauteed onion, pepper, garlic, canned black beans (drained and rinsed!) and seasoning for the filling!


I think they used them to stuff green peppers. Actually that was pretty impressive. (Roomie's mom is a healthy, killer cook. He has higher standards!)

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