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Appologia Zoology - Lesson 2 on Birds -Recommendations for Bird Guides??

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Our family uses National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. We can usually find birds we see fairly easily with this guide. The first half is color photographs, second half is the written details.


We will be doing the Apologia Zoology beginning in January. I plan to add a guide that is more specific to our region before then (maybe Southeastern birds or even Alabama birds).

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I forgot to add: when we first started looking for a guide, I checked several of them out of the library to try out so we could see which one would work best for us.


My main goal of our bird guide is to be able to identify any strange birds that appear in our backyard before they fly away!

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There are so many wonderful guides on the market. I would go to a bookstore, where you can actually handle them and look them over.

Do you want one that fits into a pocket for hiking? Or do you mind a heavier (more complete) one for keeping on your kitchen table? If you want one for hiking, think about getting one that has a waterproof cover. Do you just want backyard birds, or one with shorebirds and ducks/geese?

As a lifelong birder, I would recommend:

1.) Getting the newest one you can find, as bird ranges have shifted over the past five years.

2.) Get one specific to your area, if you are just beginning and easily overwhelmed with identifying birds. You can always upgrade later. You might even think about getting a laminated tri-fold field guide (readily available at most book stores) for a younger child.

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