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How do I cook dried black-eyed peas?

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I'm seeing some sites that say I should soak them and some sites that say it's not necessary. How do you cook them in a way that works for you? I want to add them to a recipe fully cooked, and I want to freeze the rest of the cooked ones for later use.



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Black-eyed peas cook pretty quickly without soaking.


I generally put them in a pot, cover with water, add salt (it seems like it takes a lot of salt to season them well) and pepper. Boil until tender - generally less than an hour.


:iagree: The only thing I would add are a couple of slices of raw bacon cut up into the pot when you put the peas on to boil (bring them to a boil first and then let 'em simmer until they're done). It adds a wonderful flavor... and it's how we roll down south. Lots and lots of pork products.:D

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