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anyone else ride a motorcyle?

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trail, road, motorcross? I am getting a little braver. DH wants to get dd her first mc and bring her trail riding. I don't want to miss out on the fun. I am just worried about breaking a leg more than anything else. :tongue_smilie: I don't want to wimp out and just get a 4 wheeler or should I?

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Since no one else is responding guess I will......


My husband rides and loves it. (He likes to polish his bike and then just stand back stare at it too......I understand that this is considered normal among mc lovers:tongue_smilie:)


He bought me a bike and my son clothing (leather jacket, boots, gloves, and protective pants). We sold my bike this summer and I NEVER once rode it. I agree to let our son ride with dh sometimes, but I am a nervous wreck until they return!!!


We live in a small town and yet have mc accidents (cars not seeing them and running them over) on a monthly basis. All the protective gear in the world is not going to be enough if they get hit.


I would think off road would be safer.


I will admit I am overprotective and can be a worrier, but I leave the motorcycle riding to my husband.

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My dh has a dirt bike that is also street legal. My ds used to race motorcross and did a lot of trails, etc.


Protective gear and learning to ride will really help. Also, if you have good trails that is better than road riding.


Dangerous, probably, but then again, I have horses and they can be dangerous and so can soccer, football, gymnastics, biking, running, walking, etc.

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