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food question

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My husband said 2-3 months :001_huh:


HOWEVER- I have served him meat from the freezer that has been there more like 6 and he didn't notice or complain. (he is a chef so by rule I don't usually argue food issues)


His thinking is even if there is no freezer burn you will have a loss of flavor being frozen that long. safe to eat? Maybe. Still full of flavor? Not at all.


IMO, I'd eat it. And serve it to the family without a second thought as long as it didn't smell or have burn marks.

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I asked this of a neighbor who worked for the USDA, and he told me four to six months for taste/best quality, but two years before you even have to think about worrying about safety (assuming it has been kept at the proper temperature all that time).


Now, in the interests of full disclosure, this neighbor did have a habit of playing Mahler at full volume while mowing his lawn in a Speedo. But I don't have reason to doubt his professional competence. :)

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