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A few questions about making croutons...

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I realize that in *theory* making croutons should be simple. But I don't ever really do it. It's so convenient to buy a bag at the store. :D


My boys LOVE croutons, so I thought I'd make them some. I baked a loaf of french bread to use for dh's lunch sandwiches this week, and then I pulled the soft middle out of the loaf (he likes me to do this so that there's less bread on the sandwich). So I have all this soft, moist french bread middles, and I tore them into bite size pieces.


So, here are my questions, should you feel so inclined as to help this struggling cook:


Should I leave them out overnight to dry out before I make the croutons? The bread seems awful moist right now.


I also cooked a bunch of bacon (dh's having blts on french bread for lunch this week), so I've got a lot of bacon grease left. Since my boys love bacon, could I use the bacon grease on the croutons instead of butter or olive oil?


And if you think I should both let the bread dry out overnight *and* use the bacon grease, should I refrigerate the bacon grease overnight? (I really have no idea about this, since I've never, ever used bacon grease to cook anything in. Ever. :tongue_smilie:)


Please help me solve these oh-so-important mysteries...

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We cube the bread and 'fry' in a bit of butter or olive oil in a skillet. Add some salt, pepper and garlic if you like. Cook all sides until golden brown.


If you don't consume them immediately, let them cool completely before putting in a plastic bag.

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