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There is no set lesson in The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading at which the child should begin her spelling and penmanship instruction. Generally, the child should be about half-way through the lessons (around Lesson 115). At that point the child can read words with the most common patterns for short-and long-vowel sounds. The words in her spelling and penmanship program will therefore be familiar to her.
That was taken from the FAQ, its the last question on the bottom:


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We actually did the opposite of most. Spelling was easier for dd for quite a while so we started with simple word building and AAS, then added OPGTR once she jumped into reading books instead of just one word at a time. OPGTR ended up being mostly review, but I wanted her to go over all of the phonics skills more quickly than she would go through the AAS levels.

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We started AAS1 around OPGTR lesson 180. My DD 4.5 at that time started trying to write on her own, phonetically so we introduced letter formation earlier than planned and started AAS. We were done with AAS 1 at the same time as OPGTR and AAS 2 went fast. AAS3 is going much, much slower now but is reinforcing the reading.

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