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need costume ideas for dd age 11

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My daughter needs some costume ideas. Nothing too cutesy (or little girly as she puts it)... the hardest part for us is we live in Nebraska and the weather can be a nice fall like day...all the way to blowing snow. So it needs to have the flexiblity of wearing warm clothes underneath...what have your daughters been at this age??

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I am looking for a lab coat for one of my dc. I don't know what he plans to do with it. I believe he said he is creating a science super hero. However, could your dd come up with a costume with a lab coat as the base. You could certainly wear warm clothing underneath.



mad scientist


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Maybe some Mythological costume? Togas/Grecian-style draped gowns are pretty forgiving as far as width, so you can layer long underwear, tights, sweats and the like underneath, then drape/wrap over them and add all the accessories you want. My DD is planning to be an Egyptian princess this year, and I've got a white sweatsuit waiting to be the underlayer (possibly with more layers under it) just in case that shouldn't be too visible under the dress and accessories.

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Are you making? I made a hippy costume by creating a large oversized felt vest and felt cutouts of piece signs, flowers, etc. We got a floppy hat and colored sun glasses. I made a pouch purse for candy. She wore blue jeans and a striped shirt. Her hair was in pony tails. We found mardi gras beads, and we added a few strands with large clip-on plastic earings.

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Costumes from the last few years around here:


Dr Who (#10)





Wicked Witch of the East




Super heroes




Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead)


For other ideas: Martha Stewart has loads of easy to make costumes on her Halloween site. ThinkGeek has a lot of tshirts and accessories that might give you some ideas.

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We have similar weather for Halloween - last year, it was a cool autumn evening..the year before - 5 inches of snow came down.


dd14 is going as a gothic fairy (unless she changes it again) - she's wearing a black velvety witch-esque type dress, fishnets (if we have the cool - black fleecy leggings if we have the snow), black boots (they'll work for both kinds of weather)…tiara & wings… and whatever else she decides to add.

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Last year, my daughter and I made her a holy cow costume. She painted black spots on white leggings and shirt, made a halo out of pipecleaners and a headband, then we made wings ourselves, but you could get some angel wings and throw on a few black feathers as well.

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what have your daughters been at this age??


My kids always choose (chose, in the case of my daughter) costumes that reflected whatever they were especially into that year.


The year she was 11, my daughter was Eleanor of Aquataine. The costume had long sleeves and a veleveteen over-dress. So something similar might work well in a cooler climate.


I'll attach a picture of her with my son (who was King Arthur that year).


The year before that, we were all characters from the board game Clue. She was Miss Scarlet (dressed all in red in an ensemble assembled from thrift stores).


When she was 12, she was a fairy inspired by the artist Amy Brown's work. I don't have any great photos of that costume, unfortunately. But I'll attach the best I've got. (The girl in the photo with her was her best buddy at the time. Her costume was inspired by Les Miserables.)

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