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I am so proud of my 13 year old dd! She is ds's hero!! <brag post>

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We were stacking wood in the garage today to get ready for when the bad weather hits and ds (5 year old) was just kinda leaning against it taking a break. Well, the wood pile started to fall and dd grabbed her little brother out of the way!!! The wood came crashing down on her and she broke her wrist saving her little brother. She fractured her ulna. I can not imagine what would have happened to ds! The wood would have hit him in the head and the back! I am so glad she was where she was! So proud of her!!!! She even carried him to me because the wood hit his arm and leg (NOTHING serious, just some superficial scrapes) She didn't even realize her wrist hurt until she carried him to me and we brought him in to be sure he was ok.

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That. Is. Awesome.


Sorry your dd broke her wrist. That stinks. But I think it says a lot about you and your parenting that your dd was willing to risk personal injury to prevent her little brother from getting hurt.


You're doing something right, Momma!

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