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Psych Season 5

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is now on Instant Play. I just spent most of my two weeks while I recovered watching them in 72m intervals because that's how long the website I found let you watch streaming television at a time. It's ok, since I just started the whole series over while I wait for the season 6 premiere. I just seriously love this show. I'm laughing at every single episode even though I just saw them a few months ago. LOL

Oh, and I do believe I am in love with Head Detective Carlton Lassiter. :)

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But we await each episode of Psych with eager anticipation! Our whole family gathers around, and we enjoy it and laugh together. I finally bought seasons 1-4 on sale at Target, and I'm going to buy season 5 from Amazon as soon as I can fit it in the budget. We really watch them over and over, and find them just as funny on the 10th watching as the very first time.


Oh, and you all are crazy if you're after Lassie, though I could completely get on board if you were talking about Henry Spencer. (Shhh...don't tell my dh! :D)

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